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Browning Auto Parts Looking Toward the Future with Potential Location Move

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Release: January 4, 2017

Browning Auto Parts owner Don Painter has put to rest the rumors swirling over the past few weeks regarding Browning Auto Parts possibly closing and selling their Austin, Texas-based business, located on 3212 E Cesar Chavez St. 

Painter states, “As for selling Browning, there is no way that is happening; as for selling the location, it is certainly being considered. We have battled traffic, growth in the community, and safety issues moving vehicles in and out of the Cesar Chavez location for years. With developers wanting to invest in the area, the time may be right to build the new Browning location, bigger & better than it currently is”.

Browning Auto Parts has been at the current location since 1950. Originally started by Gene Painter, his son Don took over the business in 1985. The current building that the business is located in was purchased in 1991. Browning also has a 2nd location for overflow in southeast Austin on Hwy 183.

Since Don took over the business, the population of Austin has grown from approximately 480,000 people to an estimated 925,000 (as of 2016). In addition to serving the ever-increasing Austin metro area, Browning also supplies auto parts to the rest of the Lone Star State.

“When I started this business, it was about the city of Austin and people close to you. Now with the internet and all the parts outlets, we serve all of Texas, not to mention ship parts around the country” reported Painter.

Painter went on to say, “ We have grown very fast in the last few years, we have upgraded our website & inventory systems, as well as added additional sales personal to handle the increased volume. Now our biggest issue is space, we have to run vehicles & parts from multiple locations due to just not enough space here at Cesar Chavez. The plan we are working on fixes that issue, and so many more, providing what we need for years to come.”

Browning Auto Parts will release more information as it becomes available, but don’t expect the Cesar Chavez location to close anytime soon. Relocating the business will require a lot of work, intense negotiations, and plenty of time. Until then, it is business as usual for Browning Auto Parts.Type your paragraph here.