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Wrench A Part or  Pick N Pull

Browning Auto Parts

Usually have older vehicles, and because others are pulling the parts, what you need may be broken, when someone was getting a different part.

Our inventory buying team, works to purchase lower mile, Newer year vehicles.

Parts are sold as is, you can purchase warranty usually for about $1 per day. 

Our parts come with a 90 day warranty and no extra charge for it.

Usually you are not able to test the parts, you won't know if it will work until you purchase & install it in your vehicle. 

All of our parts have been tested, or Quality Checked before we put them in the inventory.

You can bring your own tools, or rent theirs. Also you will need to allow time to pull the part. 

No need to Bring your tools, we will pull the part for you. and have it waiting.

They may know if they have the vehicle you need, but no idea you have to come look for it.

Computer based Inventory system allows us to quickly find if we have the part you need.


The staff at Browning Auto Parts pride themselves in the fact we are a Used Auto Parts Store, Not a Junkyard, Pick N Pull, or Salvage yard.

What is the difference?

Browning Auto Parts vs. a ​Wrench A Part, Junkyard, or Pick n Pull